March 4, 2011 / by Marigona

Hit kan ni mejla om ni har frågor eller annat:
(my e-mail is used for e-mail purposes only)

xoxo Marigona K 

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27 thoughts on “CONTACT ✉

  1. Peezed says:

    gonush u should write more in english. everytime i want to read ur blog ive to use google translator haha :D and let me tell u, ur blog is so good, ur pictures are beautiful and ur shoes are woooow!!

    pajte <3<3<3

  2. Anonymous says:

    haappy birthday gona :) <3 wish you all the best
    much love Rehana <3

  3. Anonymous says:

    Marigona varför kan jag inte se ditt sista klipp video du har gjort jag ser att alla har skrivit till dig?

    • Marigona says:

      Jag har tyvärr ingen aning om varför, det ska fungera för alla. Testa med att starta om sidan eller försök från en annan browser kanske? :). Hoppas att det funkar!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m still loving your blog!!
    rehana <3.

  5. .. says:
    visste inte vart jag skulle visa dig så det fick bli här, det är du på bilden va?

  6. SM says:

    Hey Marigona! :)
    Ich lese seit längerem deinen Blog. Ein Grund dafür ist, dass ich bald in einer ähnlichen Situation wie du sein werde! Ich werde in die Schweiz zu meinem Freund ziehen. Manchmal wird’s mir zu viel! (Klärung mit den Unis, ob ich studieren bzw dort arbeiten kann usw.) Dann denke ich mir, wart’ was würde Marigona machen bzw wie schafft sie das?! Deswegen wende ich mich mal ‘direkt’ an dich. War es schwer sich einzuleben, abgesehen davon dass man sich nach der Familie sehnt..? Schweiz ist meiner Meinung nach doch etwas fad ;P ..
    Hattest du Schwierigkeiten mit dem Anfangen vom Studium? Aufnahmeprüfungen, Voraussetzungen?

    Dein Blog ist echt nett. Ich beneide dich dafür, dass du so diszipliniert bist und so brav trainierst.

    Liebe Grüße :)

    • marigonas says:

      Hallo, Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar! Ahh, das hört sich sehr interessant an! Ich werde meine Antwort in einen neuen Post in den nächsten Tagen schreiben. Ich hoffe das ist okay :D hugs

  7. SM says:

    P.s. Meine größte Angst: wie schafft man es sich auf das Studium zu konzentrieren ohne SEINE Familie zu vernachlässigen?! Schließlich will man irgendwo eine gute ‘nuse’ sein hahaha…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi marigona! First, I really love your block because its a mix from albanian, fashion, gym and a lot of other things!
    I’ve got a question.. I’m in a relationship with a great person and we really love us,we are for some long time together and we’re really happy at the moment, but I’m afraid because my parents, they will be against him because he’s from tetovo, they wont accept him. And there are people..when they ask me awww really ur in love with someone from tetovo? how is it, arent they a little bit retardet? Do you really wanna have this life?.. But I mean his family isnt like that I know his sister and I really never saw a way at all where you can say okay thats retardet.. I hope you know what I mean and hope u can help me how you would react.

    Thank you ((:

    • marigonas says:

      Hi Sweetie! Sorry for responding to your question so “late”, just been busy the last days! Now to your question: I don’t know how old you are, which may have an impact in how your parents would react. BUT I can tell you one thing: Albanian parents will always be like “NOOOOO” when you tell them about your first (serious) boyfriend!
      Sucks when people are like that and you should not listen to what they say. You know what you have, which I hope is something great! The only thing you should think about is to be true to yourself, and don’t be naive, and don’t be scared to say something if there’s something you don’t like. Unfortunately everyone judges everyone all the time, but as long as you know what you have and who your boyfriend is, you shouldn’t care what others say.
      About your parents, when you talk to them and tell them about your boyfriend, you should give them some time to melt it.. If they say “no, no, no”, you should give it some time and then try to talk to them again. I hope this helped you sweetie! <3

  9. Anonymous says:

    could you tell me what ymyrs tattoo means? it looks really cool :)

  10. SM says:

    – comment deleted by blogger –

  11. Anonymous says:

    hey marigon!

    can u recommend some gift ideas for men? i want to find something personal for my fiance but it’s hard to find something cool…


  12. Anonymous says:

    hallo marigona!!

    Mich würde sehr interessieren, was du von Eheverträgen hältst.

    Ich hoffe du findest Zeit um, einen Post darüber zu verfassen.

    Danke :D :-*

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi marigona!

    I need your help. My mom is going to celebrate her birthday soon. I want to buy her a bag/purse here in switzerland…. can you recommend me some? It should be a cool brand. I’m not that experienced with those kind of bags, that’s why I’d need some insperation. She is 46yr old ^^

    It would be great if you could help me!

    Diten e mire, :-*

    • marigonas says:

      Hmm…. Give me a day or two and I’ll come up with a post for ya! I don’t know if it will be much of a help since I don’t know what sort of style she likes or what your budget is, but you can always get something nice from LV (it’s not always too expensive and LV is pretty timeless if you pick the right thing!) xo

      • Anonymous says:

        well, around CHF 800! I was thinking of LV too, something classy so she can use it often… i just Need some inspo, because it’s hard choosing something without someones Input…

        Thanks, I appreciate it! :) xoxo

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey you! just wanted to tell u that i’ve found something! Du musst dir die Mühe nicht mehr machen. Danke trotzdem :D xx

  14. trili says:

    hi Marigona i just wanted to say that youre really nice girl\women and of course you will be sexy beautiful mamma , now to the question : mund tme ndihmojsh ne zgjedhjen e aparatit fotografik nese mundesh , mund tme sygjerojsh(nikon canon ) ? bye sweety :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi marigona, you often write about your new job and i always wonder what you’re doing there? And what did you study?

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha i’m sorry for beeing that direct… I ask just because of an honest interest nothing else;-).

      I love reading your posts and would like to complete the

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, i’m sorry for beeing that direct. I’m just asking because of an honest interest.

      I love to read your posts and would like to complete my impressions with this question;-).

      Thanks and all the best for you and your adorable family

  16. rina says:

    Hi Marigona – first of all: cool blog! It’s been a long time since I check in here now and then to see what’s going on.. There was one thing that impressed me that has nothing to do with you. It was the video of your brother’s wedding that you posted last summer. My boyfriend and I – we are just about to plan our wedding that’s why I’m coming up with this question. It seemed like everything was perfect in the video of your brother.. and I just wanted to ask you where exactly you celebrated. I’m a little afraid that the hotels we have in macedonia are not that good and the food there would cause sickness :D There are many more questions but since it was not your wedding I’m not sure weather you could help me with answers or no.. Feel free to email me ;) Best wishes for you and your sweet family! Rina

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