November 3, 2016 9:28 am / by Marigona

Anonymous says:
That gym looks so cool and you are matching perfectly ?. Can you show us some pics of you before starting to hit the gym regularly? hugs

Hi there! Indeed, it is, and even though it doesn’t all of the equipment that I’m used to, it’s fun to try out new ways to exercise :)). So, in January this year (four months after Aaleyah was born) I was allowed to start working out again – yet I didn’t have the full time and dedication to go regularly. So, I cut out sugar and unhealthy stuff, and the difference after just a month was pretty noticeable. I would mostly do powerwalks because working out regularly didn’t fit into my schedule – however cutting sugar and the other crap made such a difference both inside and outside.
In spring I gave the gym another chance, and I set up my own challenges sheets etc – but then life hit us with some unfair shit, and I skipped the place for a few weeks, again. And then, finaaally, two months ago there was this gym that opened up close to where we live, so that’s when I could start going more regularly and I’m there between 4-5 times a week now. I really love giving myself an hour of self-focus; it’s pretty important when most of your days pass by on being with your baby, work, get things done, and stuff.

I could say that my process of getting to where I am today, may have been a little slower than I expected – BUT, a slow or fast progress doesn’t matter.. “Slow progress is better than no progress”, right? I am just very happy to be back on a healthier path again, and I threw together some pictures for right below. XO


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4 thoughts on “Q&A: DIFFERENCE

  1. Tina says:

    Hej Marigona! Jag vill bara dela med mej och säga att du har varit en stor inspiration till att jag börjat träna och jag älskar det. Jag gick upp mycket i vikt efter första graviditeten och förlorade hoppet men du visade att det går och det är jag tacksam för. tack för att du är en sån inspiration. Ha en bra dag och hoppas att din tjej mår bättre, hon är söt som socker :D Fortsätt så här <3

    • Marigona says:

      Hej Tina! Tusen tack för de fina orden – de värmer verkligen! Sjukt glad över att du gör något du älskar :)). HUGS

  2. Anonymous says:

    Damn girl, i wish i had that “before” body of you ?. Your blog motivated me to cut out unhealthy stuff. I knew that sugar is a badass but not as much as it really is ?. I startet reading everywhere how much sugar is inside, i became a psycho ??. After a time i noticed that i can’t really cut it 100% out but i try to reduce it as much as possible. Hey i drink my coffee without sugar now, just because of you :).The next step ist starting power walking but huuuh, i am lazy as f*ck. ps. Thanks for the answer and thank you for bringing such a positive influation. I wish you a good day and Aaleyah to get well soon ??

    • Marigona says:

      Hi there! I don’t reduce sugar 100% – that’s nearly impossible, but just make sure to get the right kind of sugar (such as from fruits, for instance). So glad it’s had you get interested in what you eat. Sugar is one piece of shit, haha ;p. Just get going and you’ll actually enjoy it – even when it’s a little colder. Nothing feels better than achieving something, or knowing you’ve had a good walk that’s done you well :)). Thank you so much, have a beautiful evening! :*

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