XOXOANONYMOUS: “Let Allah deal with them”

July 5, 2016 9:10 pm / by Marigona

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When someone told me Muslims would be the new Jewish, I just found that this was really exaggerated and drama drama. But yesterday, my brother told me a story, which made me really sad, angry and also thoughtful:

So, as he went down the street (somewhere in Vienna), he noticed that the police had blocked the streets because an ominous backpack was standing alone in a corner. Some meters away there was a Muslim (also Muslim-looking) man with a beard who was getting himself a döner for Iftar, he had left the backpack because he couldn’t carry it with him anymore. So when the special forces arrived, they aggressively put him down to the ground and examined his backpack. The man was humiliated in the worst possible way. As they couldn’t find anything suspicious in his back-pack, they retired without even saying sorry or at least trying to help the man up again.

Worse than than that some jewish people (FYI: in Vienna there are a lot of Jewish in certain areas) were taking pictures of this already humiliated man, who BY THE WAY, was proved to be innocent in every way. Out of embarrassment and humiliation the man could only look to the ground. So, when my brother tried to help him up – being the only one out of a lot people standing around who would help him, he just said, in a friendly way: „It is okay, really. Let Allah deal with them.“

First of all, I am asking myself, why the Jewish people here where this disrespectful as in 1. Calling the police just because someone with a beard could be a terrorist 2. Taking pictures of someone who is innocent, yet humiliated. Don’t they remember what happened some time ago to them because of religious hate? How can they be this heartless when It comes to others?

Secondly, I am thinking: what has happened to our beautiful religion? Why is everyone with a beard, a hijab or a Muslim name immediately suspected to be a terrorist?

THANK you ISIS for creating this image of this man and make him go through such a situation in Ramadan and just one day before Bayram.

Also, THANK you USA, Europe etc. for never learning of your history and mistakes.

May God bless the poor man, who had to go through this horrible experience for only being a religious Muslim, having a beard. May he punish the ones who do people wrong. AMIN.

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3 thoughts on “XOXOANONYMOUS: “Let Allah deal with them”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Somtimes I wonder if I wanna bring in a child to our world due to reasons like these! This story reminds me of one similar to this one: My friend who is on vacation in KS told me the other day that she saw a boy out in the city screaming out loud; mommy, mommy where are you. No one apart from my friend took time to help this little boy and finally finding his mom sitting in a car, smoking and chatting on her phone whilst her child is not in her sight!! OBS her reaction to her son: u stupid little shit!!!!!! (If I was there, I would probably said a few things to her) My friend gave the little boy a hug and told him to be safe!
    So even if I at times feel like everything should just end due to how awful many things have become and are still becoming worse by the day, actions like ur brothers and my friends, are small sings of hope that makes me happy and makes me feel like it is worth to believe in good things!!
    Xoxo,,still love ur blog❤️

  2. Anonymous says:

    Honestly you argue and argue with these racist ignorant people and there is no use to talking to them bc you feel like you are losing brain cells, they still think their opinion is right…. why don’t they tackle down a white boy/man walking into school with a backpack..???! After all these school shooting and everything that’s happened to the world you can’t judge a book by its cover. God help those racist assholes that just bc you are Muslim you are a threat to them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So sad…. there are no words…. ???????????????????

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