December 1, 2016 8:02 pm / by Marigona


Hello babes. I’m peeking in here quickly since I know I have tons of you who check out my blog daily. I just want to say sorry for the bad update here, but my energy is very limited since the surgery and I need to recover and want to focus on AD during the hours that I do feel better (which unfortunately aren’t many right now). I feel so awful because my pain doesn’t even allow for me to put Aaleyah to sleep. I feel like the biggest loser for not making it while Aaleyah cries because she wants “mama”, but luckily the others help and I’m so glad to see how comfortable she is with her grandparents, too.
Hopefully the night will do wonders and will let me feel fit for fight by tomorrow (I’m dreaming, yeah.. but I still hope). That would be the dream since I have a lot on my plate right now; work, preparing for the new job, the blog, and my little family. Lets pray for a good dose of energy. Hope you understand. I know you do. Take care, TTYL & XO

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  1. Donika V says:

    Krya på dig snygging!

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