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Heeeello Bloggie ♥
Ymyr and I just got back from the gym.  It was not hard to feel the muscles at tonight’s workout as I hadn’t been at the gym for 3-4 weeks – 20 minutes in and my butt and abs were slightly burning. Feels like every little muscle in my body hurts – or well, the ones I focused on today, haha, yet I’d really missed the feeling. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: the feeling after a workout is hard to beat. It’s so refreshing and the endorphins are jumping around like never before (due to the “stress” you put the body through, which makes the endorphin-party start). If we ever move to a big house in the future, a dream would be to have our own little gym where we could start or end the days with a session. Imagine how great that’d be? Dream

Btw, have I ever mentioned how Ymyr and I suck at surprising each other? I wanted to get him an Apple-watch as a New Year’s gift because he’s been talking about it for a pretty long time; how it would register calls and messages so he wouldn’t have to worry when he’s in meetings, or how it’s awesome for tracking whatever-it’s-tracking when working out and yada yada (I really don’t get technology, while he really does, but I do see how it would be practical for him to have one), so I managed to get my hands on one – sold out everywhere, jeeez – and I just couldn’t shut up about his gift once I had it for him. I can never wait for that specific day to come but I just, always, have to give him the gift earlier because I’m too excited to see his reaction.. haha, and he’s the same way!  His face was pretty priceless when he got the watch, and that makes me happy. I guess for New Year’s Eve, we’ll just wrap up everything a second time and pretend to get just as happy when we open the gifts again ;p, haha.

Time to take a shower and get ready for tomorrow. ♥

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2 thoughts on “WEDNESDAYWRAP

  1. Anonymous says:

    Omg känner igen mig så mycket i det där jag och min boy suger på att överraska varandra varje gång vi köper något till varann så skickar vi alltid bilder på det vi köpt. Men jag ville verkligen överraska honom så idag flög jag 3000 km och överraskade honom :’)

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