October 10, 2016 9:26 am / by Marigona

no goal was ever met without a little sweat.


Short morning workout? Check. I only had about 40 minutes at the gym today, but it was pretty effective and I got in good “contact” with my body while working out. It makes a very big difference when you actually focus on the muscle/s that you are working on while you make an exercise (try it next time).

I focused on thighs and core today (TRX for core), and the exercise I was on while snapping a picture is THIS one called Weighted StepUps, and HERE is a video that shows you how to get this done right. It’s a very good one that strengthens your quadriceps and butt, and it’s one that you easily can do at home too! The weight I’m holding looks bigger than it’s heavy ;p, it’s a 5kg one. Also went with my own extra weights around my ankles as I lifted up my legs to the core for the abdominal core (“knee strike”).

Now I’m just ready to spend my entire day with my babygirl next to some errands and work. XO & TTYL

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