November 14, 2016 7:53 pm / by Marigona


A few years ago, our weekend evenings would contain everything from soda, and chips, to candy and all kind of sugar bombs and unhealthy stuff – I can’t understand how my belly could deal with all the crap we used to eat back then, or especially I.. Today, after knowing what that actually does to your body, our weekend evenings look so different and I don’t go to bed with an aching belly, hehe.

I LOVEEE the snacking we do now (the one above is my favourite); olives, dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese together with small crackers + philadelphia cheese (snacks to the left are made of quinoa). I could eat this day in and day out really, haha. Just a tip to my babes. You should definitely try it out :)). Our fellas here love it. XO

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