July 27, 2016 11:28 am / by Marigona

She refused to let it break her. ©

Hello Wednesday ♥
Sorry for the shitty update lately, but jeez, life is busy. AD and I woke up in a good mood today as we got a good dose of sleep even though the night was long for me (motivation letter, not easy). 
The past days Ymyr and I have been busy fixing around in the household (new interior stuff), Aaleyah is nearly walking (I seriously want to cry, not because I don’t want her to walk – of course – but because she was so tiny just… moths ago..), her third tooth just started showing! I’ve watched  several documentaries, and also managed to drop my phone a third time so now parts of the glas are actually missing. I can’t find words for how stupid and dumb and clumsy and dumb (again) I feel. Gaaaaahhhh!
Someone was wondering if we’re going to Struga this summer, and unfortunately we decided to cancel our tickets about a month ago for some sad, personal reasons. I only happened to fly in for two days when my grandfather past away. So, no summer in Struga this year since we really want to be here as a family more♥. But I hope that everyone who’s there this summer is having a blast! Maybe we’ll fly in sometime in fall :)) (not in winter since we’re planning on going some place warm, inshallah). 
Anyhow, today I’m wearing this cute, flowery romper – that totally looks like a dress – from Zara. I realized that I needed more rompers since it felt like I kept flashing my butt when running after our crazy, little monkey all the time ;p, haha. Perf to a leather jacket + boots, or tie up sandals depending on mood. LOVE
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