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Hey Gona, I wanted to ask you if you can recommend a good store in zurich for leather jackets? I am looking for a nice one but can’t find any :-( Thanks in advance :-*

Hello sunshine!
Honestly, I wish I could help you with this but I’m not a big fan of stores here (I pretty much only do onlineshopping nowadays..), or lets say I don’t know many of them here, buuuut MANGO has some really nice leather jackets in their spring collection, and I’ve fallen in love with a few of their pieces (the ones below are my favs). ZARA always has leather jackets in, but other then those… Hmm.. Maybe Anouk? Maje should have, too (a bit more expensive ones), otherways check out (used to really not like that onlineshop, now I get lot of things from there, haha). Hope you find something! :*

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Hi marigona, I just wanted to ask you, if you could tell us a little bit of your long-distance relationship. How it was for you guys, and the problems and how you achieved to get through it together..
I am in a long-distance relationship too, and it is very haaaaaard sometimes… very very hard..
Thank you!!! xoxo

Honestly, distance-relationships suck BALLZ! Sorry about my word of use, but really, it does. It’s not easy, and it’s frustrating, and there are sleepless nights because you argue and fight over so stupid things that you sort of feel like you want to eat your pillow out of anger. UGH! BUT, here’s the best part out of it – you appreciate each other in a different way, the distance clearly shows that what you have must be real since you’re willing to go through it for each other, aaaand if you can make distance relationship work, you can make anything work. You know why I believe that? Because when you’re in a distance relationship, you communicate a lot, you learn so much about each other in a different way, and you learn to find solutions to how to make it work because you’re willing to make it work.

Ymyr and I had a distance relationship for four years. We were quite young when we met, sort of high-school sweethearts if we were to live in the same city from the start. And it definitely wasn’t easy. Here’s what I’ve written about distance relationship before: 

“..But communication is one of the most important parts in making it work. Communication, Trust and understanding. Compromises was a good tool, too, of course. And by communication I mean, talking, telling each other about how your day went, ask for advice, make the person feel like he or she’s a part of your life even though they’re far, far away at the moment. If you can’t communicate and make each other happy, you seriously need help if you really want things to work out.. Small things prove the big thing. Y would surprise me with hand written letter. Imagine having a bad day, things have gone wrong, everything just feels horrible, and then  when you come home there’s a letter waiting on your bed? Things like that could turn my day from the darkest to the brightest – literally. Or waking up to sweet “good morning beautiful” – messages.. See, it’s the small things that count, and to show appreciation is just as important, too.

Just because you’re two, it doesn’t mean you’re actually “two” but you need to work as One. Be on the same page, the same team, have the same goal of the relationship, be fair to one another. You can’t stop your partner from doing something but then do it yourself, be fair. If you can manage these things, you’ll be able to make it work – trust me.
And if you can stand distance and being away from the one you love the most, you’ll be able to manage everything thereafter :).

I was the happiest girl on earth throughout our long distance relationship, because Y still made me feel that way – you know.. special. We learnt to appreciate things, time and each other and that’s why we are where we are today.
If it’s real and if it’s right, you can’t make anything stand in its way ♥.”

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    You are such a good person

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