May 10, 2016 9:43 am / by Marigona

if it wasn’t for you.

– the other day in the park ♥ –

OK, if there’s one thing I’ve been a little bit wrong about, it’s the fact that I used to think that AD would be less demanding the more she grew.. So wrong! Our little princess turns 8 months next week already and she’s never been more demanding. I want to update this blog about once a day – more if I’d really have the time – but I’m always up to something else and never really have the time, phew! Like yesterday. Jeez, my hands were full of things to do.

AD’s up for 2-4 hours straight nowadays, and then she has her nap, and once she has her nap, I do something else that needs to be done and simply just can’t be done while she’s awake – or I just… RELAX and try to gain some energy (even more tired when I’ve been working out in the morning). Now, as I type this, which has taken me about 5 minutes, I’ve already had to check on her 7 times because she’s screaming and singing, and gets angry because it seems like she wants to touch the lamp (the one stuck to the ceiling..). She raises her hands up in the air in a gesture like “come to me!”

Yesterday something funny happened. I completely thought that I was having a bounding moment with Aaleyah as I was laying next to her, talking. I kept saying “ma-maaaa” – “pa-paaaaa”, thinking that she’ll start imitating me since she’s done that before. She kept starring at me with her big blue eyes – fully concentrated. And there it was, a big, smelly fart and her concentration was gone like the wind (or should I say fart?). And I thought she was focused on trying to talk back to me… haha.

Anyhow, Tuesday today and I have so. Much. To. Do. Super tired too, but things simply need to be done! Rest day from the gym today, but I might as well just have a sess at home – if the time allows, huh! ♥

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2 thoughts on “TUE 10 MAY

  1. Donna says:

    Haha jag trodde också att dem skulle bli mindre krävande men icke! Min plutt blev nyss 6 månader och han är överallt och stoppar in precis allt i munnen.. Gud vad fort dem utvecklas!

  2. Anonymous says:

    She’s so cute

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