October 3, 2016 8:23 am / by Marigona


Yaaaaawn, but good morning Monday and hello babes ♥.
Did you have a good weekend? Ours was so so, but we focus on the good and it was spent with our family and we regained some energy. Also, I want to give out a big Haaaaappy Birthdaaaay to my girl Liri – I can’t wait to see you ♥.

I started off with a gym session this morning – woho, powershower, I’m really liking how it’s slowly starting to become a daily thing again – and now I’m back home; stinking ape.. I finally started to get friends with TRX (suspension training), which are these ropes that are usually hanging from the ceiling, and in which you work against your own body weight. The clumsy little donna within me said I’d probably end up all tangled up, looking like a spider in its web, but it really wasn’t even close to that complicated! So today, after focus on legs and thighs, I had my second date with TRX.
I was recommended to watch some TRX videos on YouTube and I decided to keep watching them while working out so that w “did it together” (THIS one for abs, and THIS one for some general beginners’ exercises), and the whole TRXthingy just quickly became a new favourite of mine as it feels much more intense too when doing planking, for instance. Lots of balance is in this, which requires more types of muscles. I will probably continue watching these kind of videos so that I can decide which exercises sort of fit me most, get inspired, and then just set up my own workouts again. It was so much fun, I was so stupid for staying away from it because I was afraid I’d do wrong.. ugh! Everyone were beginners at one point, even the pros.

Good start of this week, now it’s time for a late breakfast and to get ready for this day :*. 

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