February 10, 2017 8:33 am / by Marigona

“no pain, no gain. shut up, and train.”

Good morning babes and good morning Fridaaaay ♥
Last night Ymyr and I made it to the gym for a forth time this week, and I’m happy that we went even though it felt SO good to lay in bed with AD and hear her go from mumbling and baby talking into heavy, soft breaths as she fell asleep. In moments like that I I feel like I could lay there forever and just forget about everything else, but then I knew that I’d regret not going to the gym the following morning. So, we went, and my my thighs got challenges to the fullest with front + back squats, walking lunges, and box jumps.

I love that I’ve finally got back to this. It’s been one heck of a journey and too many new starts, but we’re finally in again, which makes it hard to stop as you don’t want to ruin the routine now (and that’s a good thing, yeah). It’s really that first week, or those ten first days of starting, that for some reason are so hard to keep for me, but once a couple of days have passed the dicipline grows and I’m simply stuck in the new, healthy cycle. 

Anyhow. I’m about to start work at the office again. Have a great day babes! XO

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