February 16, 2017 10:10 am / by admin

Good morning babes & good morning Thursday ?I’m so happy that so many of you liked and appreciated the healthy dessert tip that I shared here the other day :-)). I have already made these chocolate date balls twice more since then, haha. It turned out to be a favourite for all of us at home, and our friends, and AD must be the number one fan (I made small ones without coffee for her). 

Anyways, Thursday today! I sneaked out of ur bedroom – still halfsleeping – at 5.40, telling myself “Hey! Wake up! It’s Friday tomorrow, and Ymyr is coming back home from München today!” Even though it’s only been a day, I just really don’t like his absence.. I’m too used to him and us, and we’re a habit for each other, or lets say glued to each other. Makes me think of the time when we were in a four years long distance relationship. And THEN there was no whatsapp, or viber, or facetime, or yada (sounds like I’m talking about 50 years ago, but really it’s only 10 ;p)..huh. To the people who are currently in a distance relationship, keep going! :-)) 

TODAYS: sneakers, black wide, waist pants, top, coat. 

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