April 28, 2016 2:23 pm / by Marigona

– my cuddle monster this morning –
I woke up several times last night, and every time I kept asking what’s so special with the coming morning. Today’s the day.
Aaleyah slept like an angel, so because she was a sweetheart, little G had to wake me up at 5 freaking 30. I mean, someone had to take over the little trouble, heeeeh. Once he’d been out, I couldn’t go back to sleep..ugh. Really G, really?! “I’m so selling your fury ass when I wake up..”, I muttered. 
I must say I’m very happy to see that there are so many of you babes here already (!!!), I really didn’t expect that. 
Headed to the gym this morning and did 30min of cardio + 30min legs, butt, and arms + advanced planking. YAS!
Going nowhere without my ginger/lemon water (made the night before)©


Took my ancle weights with me from home to add some pressure to my legs. I can really recommend those weights if you want to create a little mini-gym at home (I have these and dumbbells in 3kg and 5kg and there are so effective exercises you can do!).


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