October 25, 2016 6:27 pm / by Marigona

What is it? A 40-minute glimpse into a dark world, lit up by the tireless efforts of an incredible group.

Why you’ll love it: Love is not the word. This is a film you need to see to begin to understand day-to-day life in war-torn Syria. A documentary crew follows the “White Helmets”, a group of volunteer rescue workers with branches all over the country, who risk their own safety to pull fellow citizens from bomb wreckage.

(watch trailer before you continue reading)

These days I avoid to read about all the things that go on in the world because it always leaves me so negative and bummed out, and I’m guessing it’s just some sort of defend mechanism that’s within us – we’re simply so sick of seeing this world crash down. Or I am. And I’ve lost hope for it and I don’t believe in politics, at all. 

I lost my appetite for everything after watching The “White Helmets”  – yet it’s one of the “best” documentaries I’ve seen – could hardly look myself around because I somewhat feel so embarrassed and ashamed for living in such a safe place – having food on my table and having the opposite life of these people. It’s just so unfair. Why do we live here and they there? What says that we can have it all and they can have nothing?
Seeing children scared is the one thing I hate the most, so seeing these terrified crying children asking their dead parents, who rescuers pulled out from the bombed buildings, to “not leave them” made my heart twist and I just… I don’t know. Knowing that this is what is going on right now as I’m typing this, makes me feel sick. Seeing these men run outside as soon as they hear an aircraft appear just so that they can see where it’s about to strike/bomb so that they can jump into their half working cars to try to save the innocent men, women, and children that have just been bombed.. Russia claims to fight ISIS, but they’re killing thousands of innocent people. Children for God’s sake – and if they’re not killed, their childhoods are taken forever. 

Just watch this 40 minutes long documentary. The “White Helmets”, it’s called. My heart aches for the people and the picture below has me teary eyed again. Children.


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2 thoughts on “THE WHITE HELMETS

  1. Blerina says:

    Fan för denna världen vi lever i. Ska se om jag kan hitta dokumentären någon stans, blev också tårögd bara av trailern.
    Tack för att du bloggar om så olika saker, det är det jag tycker om med din blogg. Ha en fin kväll ?

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