October 19, 2016 11:32 am / by Marigona


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I was in desperate need of new sport bra’s a few weeks ago, so the other day I got myself a few new pieces, and I parked my butt at HM. I think their bras are great, nice looking, and cheap (compared to the ones I find in actual sport stores), so that’s one good mix. I don’t understand how some women can work out/run in a normal bra?! First of all, those melons fly around everywhere, isn’t that annoying? Secondly, isn’t it super uncomfortable wearing a normal bra while working out? We could discuss whether I actually need sport bra’s at all anymore – haha – I swear AD’s pregnancy sort of took the last of what I had before that, but oh well…… Hahaha, yeah, actually laughing at my own sarcastic jokes about myself — typical. 

But anyways, yes, bras. Sport bras! Check out HMs trendy collections – as for workout pants, I like to invest some more as I feel like all the cheaper ones I’ve got sort of lose elasticity quickly, whereas I’ve had my Nike sprinter pants for about.. seven or eight years now? Crazy (need new ones of those, too though – eight years are a lot… hehe).

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