January 10, 2016 8:41 pm / by Marigona

Whoever has NETFLIX and has not started watching “Making a murderer”, should start now. Like, NOW, really. Hehe.. Ymyr and I are really stuck on this documentary and I g0t the chills at the end of the fifth episode. The thing with the blood, you know?! Jeez! Ymyr and I just looked at each other in shock, but then again “nope, ymyr, if this is true, then you understand why I don’t trust the state, or politics, or anything close to power.” So, we stayed up until 2am watching last night.. which never really happens for a mama to a 3month old baby (I’m usually knocked out by 10pm.. If you see quotes coming up after that time, they’re scheduled.. hah!).

Anyhow, we spent a few hours at Ymyrs uncle’s place today, then did some grocery shopping in the evening. AD had her very first bath – or should I say swimming lesson? ;p – in the big bath tub, together with Ymyr who made sure to hold her over the surface. She kept going for the dang duck, hah. Last night it also hit me that I should make another video for AD. One that starts with some videos from the pregnancy and then up to her three first months. That would be cute, yeah? Time to get started. LOVE and thank you for your sweet comments you’ve left behind lately! I really appreciate it :)). XO


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3 thoughts on “THE CHILLS

  1. B says:

    Your videos are the best!! Can’t wait <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh.. jag har kollat 4 avsnitt på två dagar med min man. Nu vill jag ju bara se det femte avsnittet men får vänta tills imorgon!

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