August 15, 2016 11:40 am / by Marigona

The other evening Ymyr and I watched this documentary called “The beginning of life”, and I must say it was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen (yea, emotional me couldn’t hold back the tears, but then I guess it’s hard to do that when you see a 12year old, living in poverty, trying to take care of her baby siblings). It’s about how we raise children and how important our roles are, and also how a father’s role is as important as a mother’s; that a question like “does your husband help you out a lot?” should simply be wrong, because why should “help out” be part of this, as he should be as responsible as a mother is?

I recommend everyone to watch it, even if you have young siblings or are simply interested in how we can shape the world into being better. The children are our future, and knowledge nurtures us to know better.

I watched this on on Netflix, so unfortunately I don’t know where or if you can watch it elsewhere, but check out the trailer below. So worth watching!

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