September 6, 2016 8:43 am / by Marigona


Good morning from the big sofa ♥. Waking up early is nothing new really, but I need to get better at not feeling so dang tired every time it’s actually time to get up. Next week I’m starting my 6am workouts – heeeeehehe…… – and I can’t be going there half sleeping, really. I am SO EXCITED to finally have a gym close to where we live, and I can’t wait to start the day feeling so mentally fresh (not physically with all that sweat, eeh ;p..) and just “power!” :))))

Anyways, it’s time to join these two cuddle bears before “baby daddy” – :’) – heads away to the office. It warms my heart seeing them together. Imagine your best friend and soulie, sitting next to a miniature of him.. *smiling*.
DSC09560 © ©

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