October 20, 2016 8:28 pm / by Marigona

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Hello bloggie and hello Thursday, and hello babes ♥
I’ve hardly had any time to peek in here today, and frankly speaking no motivation either, hehe. I don’t really know what to write about, or what not, or if I feel like sharing anything, or nothing at all. I wish I could write out literally everything that’s on my mind, but that would never happen either. So everything just swirls up like one big mess, and there’s “too much of this” and “too much of that” – so at the end of the day I’m too tired to even deal with anything that feels too time consuming, because yeah.. just because. So, I end up saying nothing, hah…

BUT to share anything, I finally had my hair done today – roots, a cut, and a brazilian blowout. FINALLY. My hair’s been up in a bun for weeks straight because it’s just been “all over”, and now it will stay like this – healthy looking and straight – for a couple of weeks/months. YES. The before picture is not fair because I actually straightened my hair two days ago, which makes it look “”okay”” (my hair’s a lot more all over the place than that), but may I say I’m in love with the result. It’s as smooth as it is shiny! Caroline always makes me so happy, and it felt good with a little bit of alonetime today too – I actually had time to read about two chapters in my book, hah. That doesn’t happen very often anymore, perhaps because I suck at making time for myself, really. You like? I could definitely recommend this treatment to girls who want straight hair for a little while and simply just don’t want to damage it by using a straightener every single day.


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10 thoughts on “SURFACE

  1. Love says:

    Så himla fint ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wooow ?

  3. N says:

    you wanted to go blonde a while ago, what happened to that idea? As far as I remember you wanted to get your hair blonder gradually:)) xx

    • Marigona says:

      If I could go blonde in just a treatment or two, I wouldn’t wait a minute – but as you remember, I’ve completely ruined that chance, hehe. So, if I wan’t to be blonde by summer, I need to start nowww… On my next appointment I’ll go a step lighter again, but this time I only wanted it straight. I wish so bad that I could go to ash blonde immediately. xx

      • Nora says:

        Varför testar du inte att blondera med olaplex? Det ska fungera även på mörkt hår

        • Marigona says:

          Hej Nora! Det är precis det jag var inne på att testa för några veckor sedan men fick sagt att det tyvärr inte går att få mitt hår blont med bara 1-2 sittningar just för att jag inte är naturligt mörk utan min hårfärg är något jag färgat i många år. Vi testade en slinga i mitt hår och det tog tyvärr bara minuter innan foliet blivit väldigt varmt och håret hade förvandlats till en lätt orange/brun färg.. INGENTING jag vill gå omkring med, hehe.

          Måste därför köra successivt om jag vill bli blond i sommar, typ.. hehe. KRAM

  4. bjondina says:

    it looks great

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