March 12, 2017 1:16 pm / by Marigona

Because I swear I’d burn a city down to show you the light.

Seriously, the weather this weekend has been GORGEOUS, so we’ve spent more time outside than inside and really just enjoyed our time off. We’ve had pws out in the woods, AD’s been feeding ducks, we’ve done some shopping, had coffee’s and tea’s at cafe’s outside with close friends, and just simply had a good time :-). Soon JT is coming over and we’ll be BBQing for the first time this year! I’ll roast some sweet potatoes in the oven as a side to the burgers, steaks, and fish, yuuummie. It’s just the weekend I’ve needed before the crazy week ahead starts tomorrow, hehe (I’ll be travelling back and forth to another city the whole week).

Also, I saw that a few comments had dropped in here – that’s usually when I check in at the blog, but unfortunately my phone didn’t show them until earlier today. Grr! So, I thought I could answer the questions in the post later :-). Have a beautiful, sunny sunday babes! XO

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