April 24, 2016 9:33 pm / by Marigona

MY BABY GIRL JUST FELL ASLEEP. Did ya’ll have a good weekend?! Ymyr and went to the cinema yesterday – let me tell you that something so simple feels like “wohooo, DATE!” once you have a little baby, haha. Sort of like when you get a weekend for yourself as a 15year old, yet not as exciting because you automatically miss and talk about your little one all the time anyways, hah. You just somewhat appreciate a bit of alone time some more once it’s gone 24/7 ;p. However, while watching the movie we kept repeating “Can’t wait to bring AD to the movies!” when looking at the family sitting in front of us. In fact, there is so much we just can’t wait to do with her. Most of all, I can’t wait until we will be snorkelling together and we get to introduce her to the sea and its creatures. I hope that we’ll get to be an adventurous little/big family️! Dream.
Almost forgot to mention that we watched..*drumrolls* Mowgli (the jungle book)! A majestic piece of art and the little boy has some real acting skills. Not kidding when I say I got teary eyed sometimes, and I was asking myself if the preggo hormones, that make you more emotional, ever left at all.. (I’m forever wishing to be a Mowgli in my next lifetime). 

We spent the whole Sunday by Uncle JTs place. Heard all about Kobe’s last game (guys and NBA, it’s like talking about cars to me.. just not really interesting, but I’m trying, haha), ordered pizza, and AD kept wondering what kind of thing Mamba – his french bulldog – was. Like, “is that a dog, too? Why is he so… alien? Why doesnt he look like Galeno, mah?” Hah. At least the two of them have something in common.. they both fart openly and they don’t care whether it bothers others or not, ;P. Stinkers.
Just happy to have so beautiful people in my life who cheer me up and manage to occupy my mind with good thoughts. I appreciate you a lot.
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2 thoughts on “SUNDAY EVENING, 24 APR.

  1. Love says:

    Så fina ni är ❤️ Och visst känns det extra speciellt när man är barnfri ?
    Ha en fin dag ❤️

  2. Anonymous says:

    beautiful family, mashallah :) :) <3

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