November 6, 2016 9:20 pm / by Marigona

“what is stronger than the human heart
which shatters over and over and still lives” 
– Rupi Kaur


Hello from a rainy Zürich! The rain’s been pouring down for a good two days now, but I’m not complaining – rather find it very cozy, höhö. Ymyr and I have been doing all kinds of things this weekend – picked out a color for the room, done some shopping, been looking at trips, hung out with friends, but mainly spent the time together with AD and tried to finish up some work at home. I am very excited to get the room painted. And to just go somewhere.

Speaking of travelling, I just ordered a beautiful vintage world map (this one HERE, in biggest size) that we will set up in our book/guest room, and on it we’ll pin out the countries we’ve been in, and then I’ll tie a thread to the pin in the map and it will be followed by a framed picture that we’ve taken in that country (so, in my mind, this thing should cover the whole long wall). I also ordered the pins in two different colours, one for the countries we’ve been in and the other one for the “upcoming” countries that we’ll visit, kismet, or maybe like.. the counties we’ll visit together with AD? We’ll see. So excited to set it all up :)). One place that I’m definitely pinning out as a place I want to visit, is the great wall of China. So majestic. 

Anyhoooow, I’m so ready for a new week at the gym because I totally sinned last night as my mother in law made her amazing sheqerpare – like, WHYYYY NËNËËËËËËË ? – and of course it’s good to cheat and treat yourself sometimes, but when I eat something I like…. I eat. Eat. EAT. to the point where my belly hurts. Horrible. Horribly good, too. Time to wash off the make up and jump up in the sofa, AD’s sleeping like a little angel again (killed me with her cold the past nights, poor little thing..). XO & TTYL

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2 thoughts on “STATEMENT

  1. L says:

    Håller också på med en sådan tavla hemma ??? hoppas vi får se kort på väggen sedan :)

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