December 5, 2016 10:15 pm / by Marigona

As a mother you get to hear tons and tons of opinions from other mothers, older mothers, non-mothers, and everyone really on how you should raise your child, what you should give them and not give them, and – boah – most of the time you just have to bite your tongue. I am very open to discuss ideas or to hear things that are based on actual facts, and maybe discuss around that – BUT there are two things that I’m just sort of tired of hearing by now.

1) Question: “Why don’t you pierce your daughter’s ears?” Answer: Why on earth should I? For what reason? For myself, because it’s ‘pretty?’ I should go and get my daughter’s ears pierced – which I assume isn’t very comfortable – because….. why? Give me one valid reason, please..
Also, I really have nothing against mothers that do pierce their daughter’s ears when they’re only months old because just the way that I don’t want to, there are those who want to, and my mother pierced my ears when I was only 2 months old… But no, really. There is absolutely no reason to stress such a “beauty/look” thingy. Our daughter can pierce her ears the day she says that she wants to. Why stress such an unnecessary thing? If it’s for the sake of showing people that “she’s a girl”, I’ll let all the pink and ribbons speak… If it’s for the sake of “healing faster”, then I’m sure that our daughter, at the age of 8 or 10 (or whenever the time will be), will be excited and thrilled enough to take care of her newly pierced ears and they’ll heal just fine then, too..

2) Question: “Why don’t you shave off your daughter’s hair so that it gets thicker?” Answer: Let me see.. We have about.. 26 days left of 2016. 2016!!!!!! By what year will people actually understand that this is a myth?!

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6 thoughts on “STAPH IT

  1. Anonymous says:

    yes yes yes!!! Thank you!! ????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ehmm, that’s so true. But the funny thing is, if for example your mother in law says that, and you disagree and than it will come for sure: ” nusja kokfort”. An other thing that i’ve heard is that they dont wash newborns bodies directly in the water, you should wait for about 1 week or smth, because the immun-cells that it still has from the mother are so protective and the babys skin can also get very dry if it’s taking a bath every day. Guess what peoole say. “Cjan kto moda, i qelben femit, ne i lashim perdit, asgje skishin, era misk u binte”. I don’t even want to discuss with this people but oh God, what should i do when i’ll have my own kid. I hope they will get used to what the Science has discovered. I mean they can accept the new iphone 7 but not what the doctor says. Hmmm.

    • Anonymous says:

      HAHHAHAHAH high five for that one :)

      I hateeeeeee it when they cut the babies hair because said reason. Makes the babies look so ugly :( dont fucking EVER do this to a beautiful innocent baby. Also sometimes 1 year old babies wearing ear rings looks so weird

    • Bjondina says:

      If that’s the only reason that my vjerra would say i’m a kokfort than i dont fucking care about it. i do decide for my child nobody else. !!!

      love your comment!!!

      Marigona i absolutely understand you.

    • Marigona says:

      Hahaha, my mother-in-law and I kept having discussions (we’re very close and actually argue sometimes nowadays, the way I could with my own mother if you know what I mean) especially when AD was a newborn – and guess what, it used to be about this bathing thingy! As you mention, doctors told us to bath our baby once a week only and that this is really enough, whereas my mother-in-law remember how they used to bath babies every day 30 days ago. At the end of it I would sort of lose it and tell her to “PLEASE STOP!” and I would refer to a doctor, or show her what doctors said online ?. LUCKILY my mother-in-law really respects what doctors say so whenever she hears something from them, she knows “that’s how it is”, haha. But yes in general it is VERY frustrating. I’m pretty sure you’ll do just great – 99% of the time you just let whatever opinion you hear get in from one ear and out of the other because you know it’s bullcrap, BUT sooooometimes you’ve also had enough and simply ask them for the facts or just go “whyyyyyy…..?”. “Ashu thuen” is not enough for me ?. Thanks for your comment, XO

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know they are wrong and I don’t have children yet…buuuuuut I also know that this is all they know, I get mad too sometimes when I hear stuff like this but I’m sure they want to help and only help you/us… so just accept their way of thinking and raise your children the way you want to – I know they should accept the way you chose too. So just keep going, I’m sure you do it right :-)

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