December 18, 2015 4:53 pm / by Marigona

Another dream
The monsters running wild inside of me
I’m faded


Ciao hair straightener. I’m so happy to know that I’ll wake up with smooth, straight hair that I don’t have to fight with every morning. And this peace for three months, thank you. C also wrote down some vitamins that I should buy (first thing I’ll do as soon as I get the chance), which help to get longer hair A LOT faster. I’m skeptical but she made clear that I’ll see a difference within weeks, so lezz try.

Tonight Y and I are heading over to some good friends for dinner. AD’s coming with us of course :)). My munchkin. ? Selfie bomb. Sweater from ZARA.  // Have a beautiful evening boos ♥.2 3 6 7

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3 thoughts on “SMOOTH

  1. B says:

    Så fint ? skulle du kunna berätta hur en sån behandling går till?

  2. Senada says:

    Wow! You look fab :) vad blev du rek för vitaminer? Vill få mitt hår att växa fortare. Kapade mitt för 8 mån sen och det växer så långsamt! ?

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