February 13, 2017 9:14 am / by Marigona


Monday morning. I had a dream about my very best friend, Sis. I haven’t talked to her since sometime in January because she’s somewhere out in Hawaii doing volunteer work, trying to help young girls and homeless people. Yeah, and then they’re sending her and her husband off to Asia to continue there. I worry for her. Mainly because I can’t reach her at all, so I wonder what she’s up to and how things are going, and if she’s okay. So, I guess I saw her in my dreams because I just worry. Goddd.. I worry quite a lot, about everything, quite often. I hope to hear from her soon, though. Hoping I’ll do.

SHIRT + PANTS. Weather should be great all week. Monday, I’m grabbing you by the horns, hey! ♥

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