December 20, 2016 9:55 pm / by Marigona

– Hawaii –

So while I’m dreaming myself away -freezing 24/7 in winter and love to take hot showers just to get warm – to tropic islands after cancelling our trip, my soulie surprises me with this. How cute? Veri. Serious about shoes. YES. UGGS are usually not my favorite kind of shoes BUT they keep me so waaarm so mind over matter, and my feet will feel happy :-). I’d much rather be on a beach though… ;p

Annars då? Today I’ve been at work and then straight after to the doctor to take out the stent I’ve had in me for the past two months. I am so happy to be fully “healthy” again.
Once I woke up (still quite high) I asked the nurse if she could take a look at my c-section scar.. Out of nowhere.. Haha. And then I wondered, in all seriousness, how they were able to “fast-forward time”; meaning how they could make an hour felt so short (felt like I’d been sleeping for 2 minutes, when the surgery took about an hour) while I was trying to get up and the nurse was sort of pushing me down.. Eeehh.. I’m reminding myself that they probably hear weird questions from patients every day, haha!

Oh well.. Time to get things ready for tomorrow. Hope you’ve all had a great day ♥.

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