November 9, 2016 9:58 am / by Marigona

 These numbers got me terrified.

Hello Wednesday
Jeeez, AD didn’t leave me with a lot of sleep last night – struggling from 3am, gah… haha. I was checking the election from then on and I was left speechless, sighed heavily, when seeing the results this morning – the amount of people that voted for a man who has been accused for so many things, and who’s both said and done so many disrespectful moves? Tax fraud, racism, bankruptcies, sexual assault, had undocumented workers, disrespected veterans, and the list is so much longer. The shit leaves me angry as hell but on the other hand nothing really surprises me in this world anymore. Again, jeeezzz… I was watching Trumps speech live but honestly turned off the TV after a couple of minutes – so childish, and cold, and such bad acting on “care”.. “We will make America great again” – *clapping* – “We will achieve our dreams” – *clapping*.. Ehm..

Lets hope things will go for the better anyways, yeah? Maybeeee he’s got some good stuff going on will surprise us all with it. What if he takes of his mask and tells the world that everything’s been one big joke and he actually has some structural plans that will come before building a wall between the country and Mexico.. What’d you guys think? Come on.. say something.

I would post a picture of AD and me here, but I don’t want us to be in the post so here’s a picture of a cute puppy instead

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10 thoughts on “ROUGH NIGHT

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sjukaste grejen!!!!!

  2. :::::: says:

    IDIOTSSSSSSSSSSSS for voting for him

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well America is the dumbest nation with the most stupid population…they just proved it once again! Maybe he will become a trendsetter for his ugly haircut but nothing more ?
    And next time I will do something stupid – i’m going to say “oh that was so trumpy of me”

  4. Belizarek says:

    I can’t believe it… how is it possible for him to become a President? Such a – sorry for my language – ASSHOLE!

  5. Bjondina says:

    Dumbest Nation ever… nothing left to say.

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