August 31, 2016 11:33 am / by admin

Hello Wednesday and hello babes! AD and I started off the morning with a long walk and some grocery shopping (fresh fruits, nomnom) and today we’re spending the rest of the day at home and at the playground.
Just made myself a smoothie and need to finish up some work. ALSO, I’m so excited because there’s this new gym opening up close to where we live in two weeks – YESSSS, freaking FINALLY! – and Ymyr signed me up already. One of the reasons to why I have a hard time going to the gym lately, is because I feel like I lose so much time just going and coming back from there, but nooow.. Finally I can start building up my body again. It’s got so neat and slim, and I need my muscles back ???. My only other problem is that I no longer have a gym partner, which I prefer, *cough, Ymyr..cough* since Y does crossfit now..eeh, but I’ll make it happen anyways. I’m just very excited that I’ll finally be back on building. Two weeks, mah!OK, time to finish up some things. My smoothie: raspberry + banana + coconut water. TTYL

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4 thoughts on “RASP-NANA-COCO

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yummmy I haven’t tried a coconut smoothie yet …..I use almond milk, you should try that too!! ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Forgot to ask a ? What is that song called that you used in the first video you posted below…Love it

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