December 24, 2015 2:29 pm / by Marigona

Props to the girls who leave nice comments and help out other girls with advice or answers among the comments! That’s so helpful and sweet to see! THAT’s what we should be doing :)). A tip is to give just a first letter (or some name) when you comment just to make it easier to understand which anonymous person you’re answering. 

Two Q&As for now:

Hey Margona. How do you balance your eating during holidays (also when it comes to celebrating bajram)? There are so many delicious food served those days and its definitely a temptation. Do you watch out and try not to eat so much or break your diet for few days? ?

Hello there! 

Haha, I really know what you mean! I do have my cheatdays and will probably never stay away 100% from eating desserts or cakes when I’m through the first weeks and can control what to eat easier. Who can stay away from bakllava or sheqerpare? My mother-in-law has golden hands when it comes to sheqerpare. Bakllava is my favourite dessert and the fresher the better! So on bajram, for instance, I do eat unhealthier things and once it’s over, I get back on track with eating clean and rawer – things that are a lot easier for the body to break down and process – and stay away from sugar + other whites again :)).

Hi gona, what happened to your instagram??? :(

Hellooo! It is just temporarily deactivated but I’ll be back on it very soon. Just really need a break from some things right now. The blog is the only thing that I’ll try to run as usually so see you here! :)). XO 

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Today’s little mission next to cooking was filling up the fridge with detox water and I made a simple mix of Cucumber, lemon, and mint.

DSC05213Read more of the benefits here


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13 thoughts on “QAs & DETOX WATER

  1. Anonymous says:

    I need help please. This is directed for mamis and mami to be’s !
    *I took a pregnancy test two days ago in the morning and it was +positive ?
    *But to make sure, I took another yesterday morning and it was -negative ?
    *I can’t see my doctor until next week because of the holiday?
    I wanted to see what you all thought?

    • admin says:

      Hi! Oh that one’s tricky, but I found this link that might help you

      I would probably take a third test and still see a doctor no matter the result of the third one since you got a + (very seldomly a positive result shows to be wrong because it measures a special hormone that only comes with pregnancy, or something like that). Check the link! :)) xo and good luck!

      • Anonymous says:

        This site is helpful, thank you ! The thing is, the suspense is killing my husband and I !? Haha, whatever is meant to be will be. Xo :))

        • admin says:

          Haha, I really know what you mean with that! Just keep in mind that if you’re not pregnant, don’t let it bum you out too much because it will happen once the time is in :)). I don’t know you but must say I’m excited for you! Run to a pharmacy ! Haha.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes of courseeee I know!! I won’t get bummed out because like you said it’ll happen when the time is right thanks girl xo :)) Oh, and I’m running now actually haha ???

  2. Fabienne Schelbert says:

    Merry Christmas Marigona – first one with little AD ❥

  3. Anonymous says:

    Instagram can be temporarily deactivated? I thought you can only permanently delete it ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s soooo hard to stay away from sugar, when you once start eating them :/ I always say – okay I’ll cut them out the next day and start the diet – and so it is every single day. But once you start staying away of them, after couple of days, thats not a big deal. You get used to it :)

    • Marigona says:

      Exactly! It’s just about those first days that can be really hard, but it only gets easier with time :)) – thank God!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You just put these 3 ingredients in the water? Thats it? Cucumber in a water? Omg ? Does it taste good?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hej vackra Marigona,

    Som jag har förstått det av att läsa från bloggen är du från Strugë och därav tänkte jag att det kanske är utmärkt att fråga dig gällande staden.
    Mina föräldrar är intresserade av att åka till Struga och uppleva allt staden för med sig, samtidigt är de sugna på att besöka Ohër – Strugë är dock 1a på listan, haha… Denna resa är då av albaner från Kosovë, som inte varit där förr (endast Shkup), därav är erfarenheten gällande just detta område bristfällig tyvärr.
    Jag blir också alltmer intresserad av att besöka alla fina rikedomar, i form av platser och städer, som våra spridda albanska marker innefattar, och i sin tur lyder mina frågor:

    Vad är “skillnaden” mellan städerna Struga och Ohër?
    Vilken stad har du upplevt vara bättre i form av upplevelser?
    Vad kan man uppleva i Struga?
    Vad kan man göra med familjen i Struga – som “turister”?
    Är det en bra idé att ett gäng ungdomar åker till Strugë? I sådana fall, vad finns där att göra respektive uppleva och finns det något speciellt ställe man BÖR hänga på?
    Skillnaden på familjeresa dit och kompisresa – generellt?

    Hoppas inte det blev alltför mycket frågor nu, självklart kan du undvika att svara på dessa om du vill men även tillägga(!!) något om staden och egna erfarenheter som jag kanske har missat – vad du gjort under dina år etc. Inside tips helt enkelt, haha.

    Önskar dig allt det bästa – supermom. Hoppas allt är bra med lilla familjen och speciellt söta AD. Och TACK för att du orkar uppdatera din fantastiska blogg!

    Stor kram!


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