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February 26, 2017 5:25 pm / by Marigona

Hello babes! Hope you’ve had a good Sunday. Mine’s been full of just trying to get stuff done, gahhh. We’re also in the process of moving my blog, so if you face any complications when visiting it these days, then you know why :-)). Lets cross our fingers that the move won’t require much – but, after all.. I have about six years stored here (only the past one is public though), so I’m just sort of praying that nothing will get lost since I have sooo many posts, and meaningful texts that I want to keep saved. 
Anyhow, I gotta continue working some more. Until next; here’s a Q&A:

Anonymous says:
Hello!! Glad you are all well? …. You know that video you posted a while back of you by the ocean and one with you swimming in the water? Can you please let me know the song names!? Thank you!!

Hi there :-)
I attached the videos below. In the video of us in Maui, I used the song “Beautiful” by Mandalay. In the second video (us in Egypt), I used OneRepublic’s song “If I lose myself”. Two favorites of mine. Jeez, now you got me all depressed looking at these videos… Haha. Hoooopefully we’ll be travelling somewhere sooner than I think. I miss snorkelling so much.. xo

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One thought on “Q & A

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awww I’m sorry haha hopefully you guys go somewhere soon. Thanks so much you are the best ????

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