December 15, 2016 7:04 pm / by Marigona


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Hello Thursday evening! This week has passed way too fast, and today was no exception. But I guess it’s like that when you’re sleeping ;P. Haha, just joking.  How’s your week been so far?! Mine’s been good and too busy to have time to peek in here but the weekend is around the corner and I’m ready to just hang out with my family again and give the blog some extra love, yet – before the weekend starts – there’s a xmas dinner taking place at work tomorrow which is exciting :-).
Other than that I’ve fallen asleep pretty much right after Aaleyah the past evenings, haha, so I’m really wondering where I’ll find the energy to squeeze in three to four workout sessions per week. No worries really, I miss the gym too much and rather lose 1,5 hours of sleep and spend that at the gym together with Ymyr once our little princess is sleeping. All I really have wait for is for the third, and last, week to pass since the surgery. On Tuesday evening I only have one more day surgery (I have a stand inside of me that will be removed) and then my health and body should be able to recover to 100% again, thank God because I’m sick of being thrown out of my gym routine. It’s been like that all year!

Anyhow, tonight Mitch and Cam (does anyone watch Modern Family?) are coming over, and they should be here any minute. Have a beautiful evening. TTYL

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