January 22, 2017 9:19 am / by Marigona

90% of the time we have Albanian music playing at home. It’s something nostalgic and heartwarming about it and I think it’s important for AD too – and she LOVES it (hence why we dance about every day, haha). As soon as she hears it, she runs straight up to me and hugs my legs, asking me to pick her up so that we can dance together. Most times she insists that we grab a tissue as mindil, too, and then we stand there – four adults and AD – with our hands up in the air and moving hips. Ymyr cracks me up, especially when he intensionally overdoes his moves and jumps around like a native indian around the fire.

The other evening we were shaking our butts off, and then realized that our neighbours must’ve seen everything as no curtains were down and we are on the bottom floor, haha! (“Martha..look, here the crazy Albanians go again…”). Aaah, it’s funny though. Dancibg always puts people in a good mood (or gives you a good laugh, at least if you dance with someone like my husband). 


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One thought on “OPA!

  1. Elif says:

    Hahaha, detta inlägget gjorde min kväll!

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