November 13, 2016 4:52 pm / by Marigona


– cuddling with this little fella a few more hours before ADbedtime and hitting the gym –

Heeeeeellomelloooowwbelloooow Sunday evening ♡
Have ya’ll had a good weekend? Ymyr and I just got home after meeting up the sweetest couple regarding INDIGENOUS A, more about that in the near future. Besides that we’ve been celebrating Ymyr today – and Aaleyah and I got him a pair of Crossfit shoes as a Father’s Day gift (+personal card and a drawing from Aaleyah in it), with a note saying that he needs to kick ass because someone needs to scare off the boys in about 15 years ;p. I’d completely forgot that he got himself a pair from Nike not too long agooo…damnit, haha. But he was really happy over them and tonight he’s coming to the gym with me to teach me some new stuff. I’m super excited!

Other than that, I was very happy to share a new xoxoAnonymous post from an anonymous writer last night – it really had me giggle a lot but I also asked the author if she/he could write a post on what she LOVES about Albanians, too ;p. Also, doesn’t someone want to share some sort of love story anonymously? Or just something more..emotional? I’d love to get lost in ‘hearing’ someone else’s story or what they’ve been through. It would be so cool. Imagine if I could post one once a week, like on an evening? I need to read.. Jeez.. I need to get more books..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    sa te mira jeni te dy <3333333

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