October 18, 2016 8:25 am / by Marigona


● One cup coconut water
● Half of a grapefruit
● Half of a banana
● A hand full of raspberries (frozen this time)
● A blender + a baby’s approval

Voila! My morning drink, my refreshing morning drink (I added a few drops of lemon in it too). I think this is one of my favorite ones, actually, and AD loves them too. This time she only got to try it a little, other ways I just like to stick to water + peer or apple + banana for her. Happy she’s a fruiteater (all eater actually) like me, and we often have to fight over the fact that she should eat HER food (we eat quite spicy at times and I don’t give her that), yet she insists on always trying whatever we eat.. phew!
The other day my mother-in-law had left her coffee cup (it was nearly empty and cold) on the table in the livingroom, and as I was doing work on my computer by our kitchen island, I heard *cling cling cling* followed by a mellow “Mmmmmmmmmm….!”..*cling cling cling*, and I saw our little “belaxhie” with the spoon in her mouth, and coffee all around her face – so happy that she’d managed to get it. Like, really mami? Even COFFEE?!.. Haha.

Anyhow, back to the juice: Refreshing as heck and I can recommend you to make them in the morning! *happy emoji with tongue sticking out*. Good morning, by the way :)). It’s time to get ready for the city with my little all-eater. XO


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