October 31, 2016 9:35 pm / by Marigona


Ymyr and I have been setting up bookshelves in Aaleyah’s room and in the office/book room this evening. I love how cute her room is turning out, and I keep imagining her picking books that she wants me to read for her when she gets a little older, how we’ll both cuddle up under the painted tree in her room, sort of losing ourselves in other worlds. Last time I was in Sweden (which was half a year ago…) I bought her the book that was my favorite when I was a child, called “My Beloved Sister” (“Allrakäraste syster) written by Astrid Lindgren. It’s a beautiful fairy tale.

Anyhow, booboo’s sleeping so I’m checking in here quickly while Ymyr’s getting some healthy snacks ready. I have to get up early tomorrow for an appointment, and then I can’t wait to hit the gym. xo

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2 thoughts on “MY FURY BABY

  1. Anonymous says:

    Planerar du en resa till Sverige snart? :)

    • Marigona says:

      Hejhej! Not really, tyvärr, det är andra planer och annat som är i vägen.. Hoppas kanske på senare i vinter :).

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