September 9, 2016 12:00 pm / by Marigona


If there’s one thing my little boo has from me, it’s that sweet tooth.. ☺️, but then, who could resist these desserts? *heart eyes emoji*. 

FRIDAY today, hey! My in-laws came back last night and I’m so happy they’re here again – Aaleyah was screaming when she found them in the livingroom this morning :’). It is so heartwarming to see the kind of bond she has to her grandparents and I cherrish it dearly.

 I’m heading to Ajshes for a facial treatment today – can’t remember when I had one last time – and I just can’t wait to lay there for two whole hours and actually relax (well to one extend; the treatment can be quite painful sometimes). Two whole hours of calm music and some chatting, and no baby that’s pulling or climbing or interrupting or screaming or grabbing.. ?. I’m falling asleep just thinking about it, haha.  Have a beautiful Friday babes! 

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7 thoughts on “MY DESSERT MONSTER

  1. L. says:

    Åh, recept? ?

    • Marigona says:

      Gör en vaniljkräm/marsan och blanda med grädde, gör choklad mousse, köp en färdig brownie (om du inte vill göra en själv) och hacka i mindre bitar, smält frusna hallon – VOILA! :D Du väljer själv hur du vill fylla glasen :*. SUPERGOOOOOTT och så sjukt enkelt!

      • L. says:

        Men gud så gott! Tack så mycket fina! ?❤ Önskar er en kärleksfull Bajram med nära och kära ❤?

      • N says:

        could you PLEASEEEE translate this to english? #savemysunday #cravingthissobad!!! thanks haha :*

        • Marigona says:

          Make vanilla creme and mix it with whipped cream, make a chocolate mousse, buy a brownie and cut it in small pieces (unless you wnat to make your own brownie of course), melt frozen raspberries – VOILA! :D How you choose to layer the things in the jars is up to you :)). It’s super easy to make these, they look super good and they taste like heaven, haha. *heart eyes emoji*. Let me know how they taste once you make them :* xo

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