May 2, 2016 9:42 am / by Marigona

“You dress in all black but have the most colourful mind.”

Good Monday, hey ♥!
A night with more sleep than usually and I feel fit for fight for this upcoming week, yay! (except from a running nose, huh). Yesterday we went to see little baby N and I couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down my face as we walked in and saw my cousin with him for the first time. My hand covered my mouth in a gesture of shock. He looked like a little, sleeping angel on his mummy’s chest and even though I’m a mother myself now, I’d completely forgot how small new borns really are because AD’s like 10kg now.. And time flies, and babies just grow so incredibly fast, mashallah. He was so precious and beautiful, ooooohh ?, and as I looked down on him while he was sleeping in my arms, my head kept taking me to the day AD was born, the days at the hospital, and how scared I was to do something wrong.. Babies. Such beautiful, precious, angelic miracles. I can’t wait for our little family of three to grow bigger.. 

Today’s plans: about  to head in to the city with my little AD, run some errands, and then I’ll hit the gym in the evening. I love morning sessions but my hard workouts make my legs and arms so tired that I have a hard time playing or carrying AD around afterwards. I want my time with her to be the best one, sp evening sess it is, hey! Btw, who thought those pants would actually fit me again, huh. I didn’t 2 months ago. Still a bit to go, but I’m almost there ✌.

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