July 7, 2016 10:34 am / by Marigona


Last night as we were watching the game – well, Ymyr was watching it, while it was something that mostly just played in the background for me and little G – because I was into this documentary called “Matthew Shepard was a friend of mine”. I was in tears, pretty much sobbing, at the end of it because I just couldn’t – and can’t – understand how some human beings can carry so much hate and disgust towards other people for who or what they are, that they even kill. Narrow minded people equals hateful, judgemental people – always. No rocket science to draw that conclusion. 

 This documentary is about Matthew (Matt) who was beaten to death because he was gay. GAY! Not a pedophile, not a murderer, not a psychopath, not a thief, not a harmful person – but just..simply.. gay. Someone who happened to simply fall in love with people of the same sex. SO WHAT?! How does that bother me, or you, or anybody? How do you even have TIME to hate?.. It makes me sick to my stomach.
So, yeah, tears streamed down my face in disgust as I kept watching. At the end of this hell, all his parents wanted to do was to bury their 22 years old son, and STILL people stood outside the church screaming he deserved it because he was homosexual. Can you believe how sick that is? All this hate for nothing. Hating others for no reason. It scares me so much. What is actually wrong with people?
This is a documentary I really recommend. Do watch it.


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    Vart kollade du på den? Hittar den ingenstans :(

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