August 19, 2016 9:47 am / by Marigona

Good morning cloudy Friday ♥
It’s my fifth day of blending (I eat as usually for dinner but still less processed and no white bread, no blending then), and I must say that I feel so much better both on the inside and outside. Before I started this, I had belly aches almost daily (I ate a lot of crap), my belly was bloated often, and I wasn’t feeling well at all. Lots of small pimples in my face, too. All of that is gone since we started eating and drinking a lot more organic and clean (water helps a lot) and it makes me want to continue so much more. So, I’ve already had a half apple, a half grapefruit, a couple of strawberries, ginger, and coconut water today; all in a big glas of juice (so energizing too). ?(Correction: I’ve mistakenly called what I do Juicing, but it should be Blending, since it’s two different things. Juicing leaves the fibers out).
19 of August today, which means that Aaleyah turns 1 year old in exactly one month?. Allow me to feel emotional as heck as I can’t believe where this first year went *cryyy*, my little baby girl. Wasn’t it last week that you were tiny enough to fit in my arms just perfectly? ?
Her birthday outfit.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    waaawww where didvu buy the outfit

  2. Anonymous says:

    Iiiii i can imagine her in this outfit. Omg so soo cute ?

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