September 27, 2016 7:56 am / by Marigona

I HATE to come across lists like these when I google around for inspiration regarding working out. Don’t people under-fucking-stand (yes, let me curse and swear because that’s what I do best when I’m frustrated) that society is what has formed us people to believe that only “skinny” or “fit” or whatever-people only fit in a bikini? Or how about this stupido one: “losing weight to LOVE YOURSELF?!” Wow. I much rather have this picture deleted all over the internet rather than my personal dress-picture that’s being used by some shitty Chinese company for promotion, because this is wrong and it makes me upset. Loving yourself or feeling confident doesn’t come from the way you LOOK but rather from embracing who you are and accepting the fact that there is nothing wrong with you, me, or any other girl out there but society and media. Fuck man, I’m just getting so sick of seeing how people – especially girls – critize each other’s looks. Jeez, save your time by doing something for yourself instead. Trust me, that nurtures your future. 

Here is why you should give your body some exercise and eat right – and why I am happy to finally be back again:

• You get a stronger body 
• It’s a tress-relief (kills anxiety)
• It makes you happy
• It leaves you confident 
• It makes you win at life; setting goals that you can achieve in the gym, will make you achieve goals outside the gym 
• Because you can and because you’re body’s worth it; especially if you sit around all day and don’t get to move a lot
• Because it’s HEALTHY, and there’s not one organ in your body that won’t agree.

The PLUS in all of this is that you’ll get a six-pack, or stronger legs and butt, or whatever you want to achieve else – but that’s the PLUS. And that plus won’t make you feel any worse, either. I do see “losing weight” as a good thing if you’re over-weight because it’s simply unhealthy and can easily turn into a bad cycle that’s hard to break, which then can follow with diseases or heart problems, but all in all, I just hope that no girl – or guy – out there starts going to the gym because of what that list states. Your reason for going should be because you know that your body deserves it, and because you know you do, and because it makes you feel better (it’s helped me with stress and pressure a lot). And with that my dear babes, have an awesome TUESDAY and fuck everybody that critizes the way others look. I’m heading to the fucking gym because I need my extra fucking boost of power. FUCK YES. XO

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  2. Ilirjana says:

    Bra sagt! Tyvärr är det som står på listan (den första alltså) det som motiverar många unga endå ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a 23 yo girl and I went from an unhealthy 104 kg to 77 (current weight)- aiming to a healthy 68 kgs.I did it for myself and health reasons not for such lists and I agree with everything u just said,its about how u feel about urself and the goals u have reached and everything else u gain,its a plus.

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