November 2, 2016 4:25 pm / by Marigona

I exercise because somehow completely
exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.



My body feels almost beaten up after today’s workout as I had a full body one, so good though! Sore muscles are the only pain I appreciate, haha, because it’s prolly the only one that sort of confirms that you’ve done something good – even though all kinds of pains teach us something, of course.

My blog motivation is really not on its peak but I’m checking in here anyways and also want to share this inspiring list of 50 reasons to exercise – a list that I can actually agree on since so many inspo-lists mainly keep the body “look” as a focus. Of course seeing an improvement in yourself is a great trigger and can leave you feeling happy (and confident, yes!), but it shouldn’t be the main factor to why you should work out if you ask me.. So here:


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3 thoughts on “INTHATLONESOME

  1. P says:

    You look GREAT and you motivate me to start exercising again, since all the daily routine (work, study, etc.) gives me a good reason not to! -.-
    Have a nice evening with your loved ones *.*

    • Marigona says:

      Hi P! Thank you so much, and you’re right – there’s honestly no reason to why one shouldn’t go.. Unless you are terrified of sweating, haha ;p. So glad to hear that! Have a beautiful evening you too XO

  2. Anonymous says:

    That gym looks so cool and you are matching perfectly ?. Can you show us some pics of you before starting to hit the gym regularly? hugs

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