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Boah, it took me forever to get this bag picture done, but as one of you wished, voila! 
Weird enough, I’m not a “bag”-person at all. Shoes, on the other hand, I can look at forever – haha. Bags not so.

Hey. Can you make a review about your louis vuitton bag? How satisfied are you? When did you get it? Are there any marks of use? Is it worth the money? Can u do a review about buying cheap bags vs buying expensive bags in general? Thanks in advance

Hi there! So, I have the Neverfull GM model (the biggest one), and I’m 100% satisfied with it. Pretty much all our bags, wallets, and other stuff come from LV since we really like their quality and service here. So, yes, I do think that the money gives you quality when it comes to that brand, especially. Same feeling with Burberry.
I got it about 3 years ago, I believe, and it still looks brand new, AND I really understand why it’s named “Neverfull” – because, it never really is! Haha. Dang it, I have to throw in an extra sweater sometimes just to give it some life ;P. It has so much room for things. It’s really perfect for everyday use, as well as for when you travel, and I love how you can make the bag smaller by the ends.

It’s hard to give reviews on expensive bags vs cheaper ones. What makes me want to pay a little extra for things, is when I know I want something that will last longer. Wallets, key chains, agendas, and such are nothing I keep changing from day to day. I’ve bought plenty of less expensive bags before and they’ll either break, or get ugly scratches (you know when fake leather gets a scratch and it really looks bad), so I just ended up buying new ones. On the other hand, I’m just really not a bag girl – and I really mean, really not – and I hardly ever use the other bags anymore, if at all. The only one I use next to the neverfull is Aaleyahs bugaboo baby diaper bag ;p, haha! The neverfull is perfect for a mummy’s, too, though, it just doesn’t have this insulated bottle pocket ;p.


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    Was ist mit deinem online shop?

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