September 5, 2016 10:00 pm / by Marigona

I feel so blessed when I, in some joyful moment, really feel the presence and look at Ymyr, Aaleyah, and me. I forget about anything around us, and the world outside our home disappears, and it shrinks into our bed – where the three of us are playing – being the only, real present place. 

Tonight Aaleyah was being as troubling as she was last night; she’ll have her bottle of milk and then she’ll spit it out, she’ll turn to sleep on her belly, and stays quite for about half a minute. This, my loves, is the moment where I sort of hold my breath and think that this could either be a good night (meaning, she’ll fall asleep early and fast) or she’ll put her head up and start laughing. Tonight, she did neither of the two mentioned options, but Ymyr and I take full responsibility of the circus. Instead, she gave out a fart – very unexpectedly, I must say.. not that I walk around expecting her to fart all the time, really, but yeah, haha – which made Ymyr and me burry our faces into our pillows to kill our laughter (we’re absolutely horrible at keeping a poker face, or at least I can say that I am considering all the times I had to leave the classroom when the days got too long and my friends and I started to send each other funny gifs). And, the show was on! Once she hears me laugh, she starts laughing, too. In fact, she loves when I pretend that she tickles me, and I “burst out” laughing. She can go on laughing for several minutes then, you know to the point where you sort of have to catch a breath? That’s her. God, I love it. 

So, tonight took time and even though it can get frustrating after a while, that frustration leaves me as fast as her little, soft hand starts to stroke my face, and her short breaths become heavier and longer. With the hand on my heart, I have never tasted a love stronger than this in my entire life before, and the bond is one that will always make us feel as a whole. 

Time to close down here for today, and finally cuddle up in the sofa together with Ymyr + a good movie. Tomorrow’s a new day with this little trouble maker (her face – expressing trouble – says it all). LOVE.


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2 thoughts on “HERE COMES TROUBLE

  1. Anonymous says:

    mashallah – thats love. true love. may allah protect you <3

  2. Love says:

    Känner igen mig ❤️ Min pojke får flaska innan nattning men för två dagar sen ville han inte ha (säkert mätt) men han va så trött men ändå ville busa samtidigt ? ni är så fina ❤️

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