January 16, 2017 3:01 pm / by admin

I always make sure to bunker up with healthy snacks nowadays – especially fruits and nuts – to make sure I don’t feel hungry between the meals (starving yourself is really not a good idea if you want to reduce fatmass or you’re simply into training, but to keep your metabolism going by esting regularly, is). It also makes it way easier for me to skip all the chocolate,cookies, and cakes that the aisle here at work is full of, haha. So tempting! (OK, of course I give in and treat myself sometimes, but luckily my temptation is often killed by the snacks I bring myself which also makes it feel like my workout sessions aren’t a waste of time, phew! Also, waaater.. nothing helps your body cleans out better than pure water, yet we underestimate it (or I do) and don’t drink enough. So, that bottle of mine is going dooown.

Here’s a list of some other snacks for inspo (I could eat olives like candy, btw..):

My muscles are still sore as heck but it’s better than yesterday and now I’m just really looking forward to go home and cuddle with my baby girl – bite her cheeks a little – then put her to sleep, and then hit the gym. XO

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