November 9, 2016 4:42 pm / by Marigona

Easy & Skinny Spicy Orange Chicken recipe HERE – Chinese Chicken Lettuce Cups HERE

I just got home from an appointment I had earlier today – the only thing you hear about is the election, ugh.. What a shitty day, really (earlier post is updated now) – I mean having to be reminded of how many idiots are actually out there.
I had no idea on what to make us for dinner tonight, so I did what I usually do; looking for something new online. Actually, I tend to look for new, healthy recipes quite often so I found this link with 20 different asian-inspired ones as I was walking to the supermarket (you can see all HERE). Picked out these two above, and I’m trying the left one tonight (I’ve tried something similar to the right one before, and it’s SO good!). Interesting to be cooking with Orange Juice, huh! Will definitely let you know how that tastes tomorrow..

Just wanted to share these healthy recipes with you babes since I know you’re a bunch of girls like to eat healthy too, and who appreciate tips on recipes. HERE YA GO! Time to get going in the kitchen. If you have links to other good, recipes that you’ve tried – please shoot them off in the commentfield because 1) I want to try something new – and I like it even more when someone’s actually tried it themselves and can say it’s good, haha, and 2) because I miss your comments, and you girls giving tips to each other. Verimach. TTYL©

“- Maaaaaaah, please staaaaph, this is so boring!” ;p

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Laura Vitale in the kitchen, you can find her on youtube. She has so many followerers and a variety of recipes, healthy, not so healthy haha and desert recipes yum. I get so many ideas from her. She is the BEST. Check her out please, thank me later =)

    • Marigona says:

      Thank you so much for the tip, will definitely check her out (not so healthy deserts are welcome, too haha)! Thanking you already ;*, XO

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