April 25, 2016 9:46 am / by Marigona

– mind over body, body over mind. –

You see the rings under my eyes? Those are thanks to a rough night! Kicks, toss and turns, a little girl who felt like playing and talking between 2am and 3am was a good idea – haha, really?! – and who had her mama up by 5.30 this morning. She went back to sleep and I was wide awake. Haha, I laugh now but jeez.. no. I did not appreciate that one.

So, I went to the gym for a morning session and it feels so good when I see that the clock hasn’t hit 10 yet and I’m gym-done for the day, hey! 30 minutes of intense cardio and then I focused on legs and arms. My body’s feeling happy and is prolly thanking Aalliegirl, too, since I did no workout over the weekend, huh! 

Now, time to answer some of your questions! so TTYL

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