January 14, 2017 3:46 pm / by Marigona

A stroll down in this beautiful city – this fountain reminding me of the Disney movie Frozen -, furniture looking and ordering, playing in the snow, cuddling with AD – this sums up our Saturday so far :-)).
We finally got to show AD what sledding is like, but honestly… haha.. I thought she was going to be thrilled, excited, and laugh hysterically – like when Ymyr pretends to fall – but creating snowballs was a lot more interesting and we didn’t stay out for too long. Now, we’re back inside, Ymyr’s watching a movie with the princess and I’m peeking in here. The recipe for the dessert below will be up a little later, so peek in then :-)).

Speaking of something else – these heels. I LOVE their timeless look and can’t wait for the warmer days so these can come to use. To bare legs or to tight pants. They also have two straps that go around the ankle… ahh. Just a perfect heel *emoji with heart eyes*. You can get them HERE (ps. Just saw that they’re on sale now ), ?.

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