April 28, 2016 7:57 pm / by Marigona


These two babes make my heart skip a beat every time I see them play, even on the greyest days. I cant have enough of them and, by no doubt, watching your soulmate spoiling your daughter with so much love is the most touching and precious thing there is. My rocks make me so happy. Imagine having that someone who’s always there for you, always holds you, always makes sure you’re okay, and who you know will never let you down.. Now, imagine sharing an other human being with that One person; that her little, beating heart – carries half him and half I.. You make me whole. You complete the puzzle. You are me.
Someone was wondering if we’re planning on having more babies. If you ask us, YES, we want a bunch of minis – and the sooner the better (would love to be ‘done’ by 30, haha) – but as you may know, the body needs some time to heal after a surgery.. Little miracle. God’s blessing.

Tonight baby daddy Ymyr and I will try to watch the latest episode of Game of Throoooones. Slaughter, people fighting over power, bisarre and raw scenes.. It is crazy how I love and hate GoT at the same time…eeeh.. But first, answering e-mails. XO

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