December 1, 2016 8:23 am / by Marigona

After about four days at the hospital – and in shit loads of shitty pain, shitty shots, and shitty IV’s – I’m finally going back HOME! Still in pain, but it will go away. I mean, physical pain always does. The days here felt sooooo (imagine this word in slowmotion) s.l.o.w even if I spent most of it trying to sleep the first day, and the rest just hanging around, trying to walk and stuff. It’s quite funny when I think about it now – I sat around a table with some really old souls yesterday afternoon (they were playing cards, I really didn’t get the game and mostly just observed), all of us having these IV’s attached to our arms with all kinds of different surgeries behind us. It all of a sudden felt so normal. Yeah, for some reason elderly people always make me smile or laugh more – it’s something about them. Like, when my mother told me that my ol’, big grandma was pissed one day and actually wanted to “run” over my cousin with her walking frame. Like, Noni, really?! Haha! It’s simply something about them that’s charming – even when they get angry..

I’m just happy the surgery is over and done with and that I can recover now. It’s been very frustrating not to be able to play with Aaleyah, and not being able to pick her up, and everytime it was time for her to go home she would look at me with a questioning face, like “why are you staying here?”.. it brought me to tears every single time. But now I’m finally going back home, and I hope all my oldie fellas at the hospital are still rocking the cards and will be going home to their families soon, too.

Hey, it’s DECEMBER! Please snow. Snow, snow, snow! If not now, at least tomorrow. Please? I want a white winter this year!    
Today I’ll just try to settle in at home again, still can’t walk very much as I have four holes (well, stitches) in my belly that strike burning feelings when my movements are too drastic. Tomorrow we’re having a worker here who’ll help us figure out some stuff regarding a pretty cool closet that we want to build. Hopefully it goes the way we’ve planned with that, :-)). Other than this, I just feel really happy to be back home with my family again. I love this place, and this girl, the most.


(GIF from nov 13th)

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5 thoughts on “FIRST OF DECEMBER

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why did you have surgery? :( Are you ok now? Wishing you a speedy recovery ❤

  2. Dona says:

    Håper alt er bra med deg <3

  3. P says:

    Hope you’ll get well soon :* warm hugs

  4. Anonymous says:

    Krya på dig!! Kram! :*

  5. Marigona says:

    Thank you so much ladies, I’m so happy to have such sweet babes peeking in here ❤.

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